Hack Your HRV

HRV+ is the world's first expert-curated, carefully sourced blend of all-natural micronutrients to optimize recovery, increase performance and boost HRV.

  • Dave Asprey

    "The father of biohacking," 4x NYT Best-Selling Author, Founder of Bulletproof.

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  • Miesha Tate

    MMA Bantamweight Champion.

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  • Shellie Edington

    Crossfit Masters World Champion.

  • Eric Malzone

    Industry Leader, founder and host of the Future of Fitness podcast.

Why HRV+?

The specialized formulation in HRV+ has been carefully developed to improve HRV, help the body combat inflammation, and optimize the body’s stress management system; giving you the ability to perform at an elite level in all of life’s bouts.

What is HRV?

There is a common misconception that our heart beats at a steady rhythm and interval, but this is not the case. The gap between each heart beat actually has natural fluctuation and variability, or, HRV (Heart Rate Variability.) HRV is the core metric used to evaluate recovery, daily physical readiness, and has been shown to have massive implications about our overall health and performance capabilities.

Why is Recovery so Important?

Exertion without recovery is effort wasted. Recovery has become widely recognized to be fundamental to physical and mental performance. Athletes and high-motor individuals always strive to be stronger, faster, more productive and more efficient. In a culture that glorifies, “the grind,” it's easy to forget to take days off and rest, but to perform to our potential, recovery is vital.

How Important are Sleep and Recovery for Athletes?

What People are Saying...

"I am all about performance and longevity, HRV is part of tracking progress for both. I love how HRV+ delivers on both."

- Shellie Edington, Crossfit Masters World Champion

"I've definitely seen an improvement in my HRV! Sleep has been amazing."

- Joey McKenna, USA Wrestling National Team Member

"I’ve experienced a significant improvement in sleep quality, faster recovery, and an objective uptick in my average HRV" 

- Eric Malzone, Host - The Future of Fitness Podcast

"I love it! Particularly for sleep."

- Ken F.